11 tips on how to save money in everyday life

Save Money

Most people, however, stick to Karl Lagerfeld’s saying “you have to throw the money out the window, so it comes in the door again” and stand in vain before the wide open door, only: there is nothing. Saving money is damn hard, and because we do the same thing on the one hand and the need to be innovative in the other, we have put together 11 unusual, practical and tried-and-tested savings tips.

1. Pay by card instead of cash

Properly read. For years, we were persuaded, who pay cash to get a better “feeling” for the money (which feeling actually?) And is therefore less. My theory and experience, however, is that you even spend more money if you have bare cash in your pocket. On the other hand, if you look daily into a yawning empty wallet, you realize that you are just as broke as it looks and avoid unnecessary middlemen. Works only with EC, mind you. Credit cards are the financial death in pocket size!

2. Manage coffee addiction

Without coffee, most of us do not care. Luckily, a lot can be saved and improved in terms of caffeine addiction; it only depends on a little restructuring and planning. That means, above all, that you can always bring your own coffee in your own cup and fill it up in the café – usually there’s a discount for the saved to-go garbage. Buying good, fresh beans instead of buying the cheap goods in small packages also has one advantage: the fresh, aromatic raw materials use less powder or beans.

3. Drink tap water instead of bottled water

Yes, the Berlin tap water does not have the best reputation in terms of taste. As for the price, but can’t keep up with bottled water: 0.5 cents per liter – that means, your complete daily requirement of about 2 liters of water a day you get for exactly one cent from the tap. In addition, tap water is the most strictly controlled thing in US and is often better in quality than stale water in plastic bottles. At the price you can treat yourself to a taste of lemon in the glass to improve the taste.

4. Use the MealSaver app for dinner

Self-cooking is still the cheapest, but sometimes you just do not feel like it, or have time or both – or just go for the favorite curry from the Indian restaurant around the corner for dinner. There are many apps that can help you to ensure that no 10-dollars hole tears into your purse . Participating restaurants sell dishes for a small sum in the evening – so you also save good food from unnecessary death in the bin. Good thing spread the word!

5. Donate blood

The ultimate austerity trick of student days still works: once held out the arm, left a few liters of blood, you will be rewarded with a free meal and an expense allowance of 15-25 dollars, with a blood plasma donation even 25-40 dollars in it. Women are allowed to donate four times, men six times a year for donation, that is, ideally they will make 160 to 240 dollars with it.

6. Use hand cream for the face

Anyone who is blessed with uncomplicated facial skin does not have to spend a lot of money on cosmetics anyway. You can still save a bit: Creams for the hands are often cheaper than special for the face – and that, although the ingredients are usually almost or completely identical and often even more content is offered.

7. As a woman, buy men’s products

Not only are women earning less than men, no, products designed especially for women also cost even more, and even up to 200 (!) Percent – Pink tax was called this blatantly stupid phenomenon. Therefore, pay particular attention to drugstore products and resort to the “for men” variant – there is a great deal to save on shaving as well as razor blades and foam.

8. Make a meal plan for the week

Sounds boring adult, but cook by yourself and take the food to the office or university is the long term the cheapest alternative. To avoid food waste, it’s best to make a meal plan, buy in and cook for the week – if you do not eat right away, wait in the freezer or storage jar for lunch or dinner.

9. Share the Netflix and Spotify accounts with friends

It’s still not widely talked about that both Netflix and Spotify can use the accounts of several people at the same time. The family tariff at Spotify is 15 dollars for up to 6 people, so 2.50 dollars per nose. With Netflix can look up to 5 people series, with 8 dollar monthly fee makes for the individual around 1.43 fees. The only catch: you save money, but your favorite artists do not earn much at these low prices.

10. Use Shuttles instead of train, taxi or car sharing

The bike is of course the vehicle of choice when it comes to saving. Sometimes, however, it turns out to be quite impractical, for example in stupid weather and very long distances, or it collides with the desire for excessive alcohol intake in complicated outfits at late hours. Therefore: use shuttles. They are even cheaper than BVG, train or car sharing and still have the convenience of a taxi.

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